Here I am in front of our hotel. Modest in appearance and cost, Hotel Antiche Figure was excellent in service and friendliness. The old building had been nicely
restored with everything looking very good and in excellent repair and working order. They provided gluten-free items for me at breakfast, a nice touch. One
morning they accidentally burned my toast, the smoke from which tripped a switch that closed all of the fire doors in the hotel. Although cold outside, we opened
the windows and the breakfast room and lobby aired out quickly. They provided large umbrellas to use, but not boots. I had only two minor issues with my room.
First, the pillows were flat and hard. I used my down jacket instead. Secondly, the shower curtain stopped two inches from the floor, thus allowing water to splash
out into the bathroom. These are minor complaints. The room was lovely, comfortable, and quiet. We will come back here on our next visit, for sure.