Royal Promenade

The best part about Royal Caribbean ships are the central promenade. In this class of ship it is enclosed. In their largest ships of the Oasis Class it is open air above, with real grass and trees. Amazing.

This is the Royal Promenade. At each end is the elevator area with glass elevators and a view of about ten deck levels. When there were events or sales, the Royal Promenade could get crowded, but most of the time it looks like this. In fact, despite more than three thousand passengers, the ship never feels crowded. The chairs out on the promenade deck (Deck 4) went mostly unused. I guess people prefer the pool or Solarium areas. Not us.

This was taken shortly after the theater let out. On the lower level, front (left, behind the stairs), is the popular Schooner piano bar. Since the lighting is all artificial, they can control the mood, adding more purple at night to seem like evening. My booksigning for Cruise of the Heart was held on the promenade, on the right, across from the cafe, before the first bridge.