Ours is an ocean view stateroom with a large window. This is one area where the ship shows its age, as the seals around the window are a bit ragged. Not something easily redone. We miss opening the balcony door and hearing the sounds of the ocean, but watching it slip silently by isn't a bad alternative. Seeing as how I spend quite a bit of time in the room, doing my writing, it is very nice to be able to turn my head and look out at the water as I try to sort out my thoughts. Being on the fourth deck and fairly midship, our location minimizes the ship's motion. When we grow up, we hope to do a world cruise, which will almost certainly be in an ocean view stateroom, as a balcony would cost an extra ten grand. Each. I certainly like the large window more than a small little circular porthole. The window is often salty from the spray. The ocean seems so much more present being here rather than looking down from a high deck.