Yes, more water. We never get tired of it. The glass below our balcony railing darkens the color of the water.

Duval Street in Key West is excellent for strolling. Be warned, most businesses don't open until 11:00 a.m..

Ahoy, matey. Can you tell it's really us?

On formal night we get all dressed up, even though there are other options. Linda has the basic long black dress and then several lovely shawls, such as this one.

We found an obscure little bar on an upper deck outside of the flow of traffic. Sh-h-h-h-h-h. Don't tell anyone.

I spent way too much time playing Sudoku. I'm truly addicted.

We did, however, manage to get some work done. I still believe a cruise ship is the ideal place to write. There are many more working hours than at home, since there is no shopping for groceries, cooking, cleaning up, keeping the room clean, or other time consuming chores.

The one bummer is that I came home with a respiratory infection. This was the third time. As a result, I may curtail my future enthusiam.





I was very ipressed by the port facilities on Grand Turk Island, part of the Turk and Caicos Islands (a British protectorate).

View of the port area from the ship.

The chaise lounges are free, as is the gorgeous public pool and its facilities. There is a Margaritaville Restaurant and all of the usual gift shops.

The first astronauts landed near these islands. This is the actual size of the first space capsule! The display was very informative.

They had a very efficient docking pier.

There was room for another ship on the other side of the pier, but we were the only one on this day.

One more view.

Every eveening there was entertainment. We liked much of it, but not the resident singers and dancers. Too loud, too flashy, not talented enough.

To couunter all of the food, we walked every morning and I went to the fitness center every day. That made it OK to have dessert, right?

In The Grand Cayman Islands, we went to the National Gallery where they happen to have a labyrinth built by my company, Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC. Having written them in advance, they organized an event in which I gave a talk about the history and use of labyrinths.

When the cruise ship can't dock, the passengers are transported to shore by tenders. Sometimes a purpose-built vessel like this one in Half Moon Key. At Grand Cayman Island we used the ship's lifeboats s tenders.

San Juan, Puerto Rico, has many colorful buildings suitable for a tropical climate.

Four ships were docked in the harbor immediately adjacent to Old Town. Very convenient.

In the U.S. Virgin Islands this ship was docked next to us, with a cargo of other ships, which themselves are quite large.

In the Caribbean, a steel dru player is de rigeur. This is a stainless steel version with a microphone. The musician was very good, and knew a zillion songs by heart. On the side his ipod played drums and other instruments.

Our luck has varied from cruise to cruise as to the location of our table each evening in the dining room. This cruise we had mostly good luck, especially the second week. During our meal we watched the sun go down through the large rear windows. We make friends with people at the adjacent tables and share with each other about our day's activities.