The concept of specialty restaurants is catching on. The refurbishment added several to Rhapsody, including this one, which is located in a very advantageous location high in the Crown Viking Lounge. It costs additional to eat here, but not in the usual way. Rather than a set price, such as twenty dollars per person, the charge is a la carte, depending on what you order. We had some sushi rolls and seaweed salad, which were both good. However, we were almost the only ones in the restaurant during that particular lunch. While there are more diners in the evening, the menu is quite limited, which is not a big draw for repeat customers.

Once, out on the Lido deck, a waiter came by with a tray of Asian dishes being offered. When we discovered that they cost eight dollars, we went to the free Park Cafe instead. If this were a commercial restaurant, it would certainly be losing money. Perhaps it just needs a while to become established.