Historic Jamaica

Local artists do a lot of wood carving. In town, the prices are lower than out in the cruise port. In both areas, locals sit and work, chipping and painting everything from roosters to dolphins.

Although this looks basic, this artist is lucky to be in the cruise port area. I presume he must pay to do that, perhaps under the table. His tools are very basic: a chisel, a brush, a wood gouge, a wooden mallet (used as a hammer), and shoe polish. In the box is his raw wood, and on the bench, a styrofoam container with his lunch.

This is really the big time for a crafts person. Some tables are in use, but the ground is so plentiful . . . I presume they sell these items, or else they wouldn't keep making them.

I took this photo in the early afternoon, with two ships in port. And still, business is slow. They have lots of competition from the big stores. I bought a fresh coconut drink in which the vendor used a machete to skillfully whack off the top of the coconut, into which he inserted a straw. It couldn't have been any fresher.