Falmouth Cruise Port

Three years ago a new cruise port opened Falmouth, Jamaica, to more traffic from cruise ships. I never fail to be amazed at the dominance of a 20-story (15-deck) cruise ship over the surrounding town.


The commercial area at the port is spacious and extensive, even though it seems dwarfed by the ship. The photos above and below came from Jamaican tourist websites. My own shots follow, further down.

The port holds two ships. Royal Caribbean helped finance the 125 million dollar construction tab. During our visit, both Navigator of the Seas and Freedom of the Seas were in port.

It is quite extraordinary to see two almost identical ships of this size, side by side.

Our ship pulled out first, allowimg me to take this extraordinary photo from our balcony. The customs and immigration building on the point is quite a large building.

No matter where you go in the plaza, you can't escape the presence of the cruise ship(s).

When we weren't out walking around we were keeping an eye on things from our balcony. There are some 120,000 square feet of commercial space here. Plus all of the little booths and shelters.

Yes, this is the largest of the Jimmy Buffett Margaitaville restaurants. Rather elaborate. Not exactly typical local cuisine.

Having once been a real estate developer, I like these kinds of plans. A circle is the most efficient geometric shape, encloseing the most area with the least perimeter.That's why yurts and domes and tipis are cost effective. A triangle is just the opposite, needing a lot of perimeter to enclose an area. In this case, that's just what you want, as the perimeter is the dock for the cruise ships. Well done.