Double Teal

The story has been told many times around Teal campfires of how the first Teal, then called a Worsley, was designed by IAN FOSTER on the back of several fag packets in the bar of The Pack Horse Inn at Affetside, Bury, England, in early 1983. He would design a kit car based on the classic Bugatti designs of the 1930s. And what color should it be? Well, why not teal? (Hence, double Teal -- get it?)

The Teal pictured sits on the Royal Promenade in front of Vintages Wine Bar.

Not a speck of dirt anywhere. Keep scrolling down for more photos and then some historical material.

The interior is protected by a plexiglas covering.

How would you like to drive this down the street!

Three boat-tailed Bugattis from the 1930s.

Teal kit cars at auto show in Great Britain. For a fascinating account of the history of Teals, see the website:

The Teal winged logo reminds me a bit of Bently (see below).