The atrium on Rhapsody was completely redone, opening it to more decks and spaces, turning it into an open area suitable for special events. The "R Bar" and dance floor are on the lowest level, Deck 4. Here there is frequently a piano player, a band, or some other musician(s) playing. Our stateroom is also on Deck 4, so we just go through a door from the atrium and part way down the hall. Also in the atrium are two glass elevators that allow you to see out, all the way to Deck 9 for the Windjammer Cafe and Lido deck. Yes, only deck 9. On larger ships it would be more like Deck 12. One of the elevators was not operable. Maybe in dry dock for the refurbishment they were missing some parts.

On the left, the photo shows the stage, with a white piano and musicians. The dance floor isn't huge, but seems to be adequate. The photo is a bit small and dark to see details, but I believe this is a Reggae group from Nassau playing.